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New Single "Different"

Different Prod by Aryon MC

Demione delivers his 2nd Single "Different" from his upcoming EP ComfortZone. His 1st Single "Trapped" is available for streaming.

This new single express the emotion behind the difficulty of being different in a harmonious society. Plus marching in the opposite direction of most people can be extremely challenging. Life is a battle but shielding your mind, body & soul with the proper armor can help you plant your feet on the proper foundation.

Although Demione has been releasing music since 2009, his lyrics & flow is showing no rust. He is what many would rightfully consider a good hip hop MC. That is why it's nothing short of amazing that he keeps finding ways to be relevant year upon year. This will be a soulful and meaningful song that effortlessly mixes r&b and rap.

Cover design by Art Of Gold,

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