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Trapped by Demione

"Regardless of what we are, all they see are criminals."

Recent events in our nation have indicated the black community’s (as well as hip hop’s) contention with law enforcement and police brutality have come to a head. As Demione states, “[the song was] inspired by the unnecessary killing of Black People by uniformed police officers.

As brave as Jesse Williams’ speech may have been, many of the people he spoke to were the culprits of perpetuating the negative stereotypes we’ve been exposed to. As an African-American, I have to agree. Demione continues to explain: “Perhaps the biggest tragedy of our lives is that freedom is available, yet we can go years chasing the same entrapment’s. Even between moments of relief, we all seem to be burdened by the loud voices in our head, screaming out our worries, anxieties, responsibilities & obligations. Sometimes being trapped in your own mind is the worst punishment of all.

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