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Only by Demione

Demione is one of the very few rappers out there today that knows how to tell compelling stories. Stories of struggles from the point of view as both a man and a Christian. In "Only" Harry paints a picture with the same brush he used to sweep his problems under the rug with. Struggles such as temptations, fear, worry and doubt. It's refreshing when an artist comes along and displays personal issues with wordplay, style, and their story telling ability and doesn't rely on great production or catchy beats to mask over mediocre lyrics that you get in mainstream hip-hop these days. "Only" is an original song by Nicki Manaj featuring Lil Wayne & Drake. The moment he heard the instrumental was the moment he knew he was gonna add this song to the Freestyle Friday Mixtape. The messages are strong, the emotions real, the production some of the best I've ever heard. It may take several listens to really digest this music but give it a listen and feel free to leave your feedback. Thanks for reading. Click the cover art if you'd like to hear "Only."

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