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Why "Freestyle Friday by Demione" Was A Game Changer.

August 17th, 2015, Demione releases his first mixtape “Freestyle Friday.” A much anticipated project marking his arrival as a solo artist. The music created by “The Untitled” (the group Demione was apart of) created music that is very similar in style & lyricism. For those who haven’t heard The Untitled as long as some other more musically seasoned Christians, their earlier hits include songs like Stutter, Seen It and songs like Spotlight, Hello and G.I.T.F. (God In The Front) became anthems for the local church in the Orlando area.

Something interesting took place. The mixtape didn’t have traditional songs with lyrics like the earlier music from The Untitled. As a matter of fact, it was a collaboration with music prerecorded by other artist like Drake, Goapele & Jill Scott. The music on The Freestyle Friday Mixtape were remixes of hit songs by other artist that Demione made his own. What couldn’t be denied, however, was the quality of music thanks to his good friend, Chris Braswell. For this project, it seemed like Demione pulled the best beats and melodies he could from the woodwork's to create something that everyone could enjoy. Yes, even secular people. But isn’t that the point?

Many still criticize his approach. See, Freestyle Friday was a game changer, but not for the reasons people may think of. Some of the same people that played “Seen It” refused to listen to “Freestyle Friday” because, quite frankly, it wasn’t written for the church. It was written for a world that didn’t know Jesus, but is dying without Him. It was written for the person who would not walk into a Church Building to hear what is preached behind the alter. For those who would prefer a message in a familiar song vs a message from a familiar Pastor. Yes this is true however this music is for music lovers of every size, Christian or not.

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