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In The Moment

Click the cover art to hear the new single by Jastin Artis

I heard this single for the first time about a week before it was released & I was honestly impressed. These aren't simple watered down lyrics they are very sentimental, coming from the artist. I've listen to Rise As A Champion, Still A War, September Therapy and Not Like Me but in my opinion none of them stand out like Jastin's latest single "In The Moment." I know Jastin Artis personally and I have witness him turn his struggle into success. This reminded me that there's always something to look forward to in any artistic endeavor. If you keep your mind open to it, and keep the pity parties to the minimum, you just might find something that speaks to you. Jastin's single "In The Moment" captures the feelings of a young, talented, up and coming voice from, Washington, DC.

For any first time listeners, I would suggest playing this song to get an idea of who the artist is. It shows the poetic value of hip-hop. Your hip hop library will only grow from here and you will learn to appreciate real hip hop, honest music and real stories. Buy it, bump it, love it!

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