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Love Album by King Preem

Love! That one word sums up King Preem. Nothing can separate or dictate the direction of this true masterpiece. For that, I respect him. Honest professional artistic expression that stands on the GOOD NEWS. This CD is not for those who don't love music, it's for those who are music lovers no matter what the genre. This album is not just conscious music it's life changing and I applaud King Preem for stepping outside the box.

On top of producing, recording, writing, mix & mastering his own music he is musically talented in ways that elude most rappers. If your mind isn't limited to one music genre, you will be rewarded greatly. Starts with a soulful intro then takes you on a roller coaster ride. It literally start with his "Intro The Love" which is very soulful & end with "Roller Coaster" which is both my favorite and the last song on the album. I like music that makes the mind work and this joint is mad lyrical and full of soul.

Extremely intelligent, militant, spiritual and musically talented. Only a artist like King Preem can make a album like "Love." I would have to give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

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