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Freestyle Fridays by Demione

It all started with a simple concept. The idea was to record a selfie video of myself freestyle rapping then posting it on my various social media sites. I've seen allot of others do this very same thing with a huge success rate. After seeing all the of views, likes & comment plus shares of their videos I was inspired to do the same.

Tried and tried but the video concept did not work for me due to the poor picture & sound quality. Plan "B" was to simply use a voice recorder and simply record myself freestyle rapping but again the sound quality was terrible. So finally I decided to just record my single cypher at a music studio for a better sound quality and with that I can still post it to my various social media sites. Perfect! Since it would seem like such a waste to pay for studio time to record one song I decided to add four more songs to the mix. So I went from a video to a studio session. Decided to call it "Freestyle Friday" releasing the songs one by one on a Friday.

The goal here is to reach people on a unexpected platform as a rapper who is a Christian. Since you rarely see this done by other Christians maybe it will encourage others. The instrumentals chosen for this project will be familiar beats by the other artist like "Goapele - Closer" & " Jill Scott - Remember" just to name a few.


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