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I understand the importance of getting your music heard on a radio station. It is a service that delivers everything that it promises like building your fan base, expanding the traffic at your various sites (Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify etc), music plays, sales and much more. It is a great form of promotion and I would recommend this service with no hesitation. Through God's favor I was able to get some of my very own music on Life 102.1 through the help of a good friend of mine. This was a first for me so I really didn't have any indication as to where I stand with how people would receive my music. This is a weird place for us artist because our fans see perfection when we see imperfection in our songs.

Since I am a beliver of the faith my goal is not primarly to make a profit but I would be a fool to ignore the business side of the music business. My primary focus is to spread the Good News of my Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. Alot of Christians make this mistake of placing that least amount of effort on the business end of their gifts becasue they choose to deny payment from churchs or church related events for their services. That is very admiral of you but after you've planted those seeds ask God for wisdom to turns your gifts in a business. We would all love to become doers of a full time ministry but what kind of budget would be required to make this happend!?


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